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What isMedGenome NIPT?

As an expecting parent, you want to protect your baby to the greatest of your abilities and be assured of his/her health. Only clear answers to your uncertainties will help you obtain the required reassurance.

MedGenome Non-Invasive PRENATAL Screening Test (NIPT) is a simple, safe DNA screening that gives you vital and the most accurate genetic information about your pregnancy. The best part, all this information can be available to you from as early as the 9th week of your pregnancy.

Unlike lower accuracy traditional screening tests, MedGenome’s NIPT uses the ultra advanced, next generation gene sequencing technology. This gives you an exceptional accuracy of over 99.9% to identify most genetic conditions.

More importantly, unlike invasive tests which come with a certain risk, MedGenome’s NIPT poses 0% RISK to your baby and to you. All that’s required is a small amount of maternal blood sample draw and the report will be with you within ten days.

It is the simplest, safest and most accurate way to know about the genetic health of your baby. With having conducted more than 500,000 NIPT Screenings across the globe, at MedGenome we strive to improve healthcare by providing reassurance through CLARITY.

What DOES MedGenome NIPT screen for?

MedGenome NIPT screens for and identifies any genetic - chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus during the pregnancy, from as early as the 9th week onwards.

Great, so lets LEARN a little about Chromosomes.

To begin with, some fundamentals:

Your body is made up of cells. Yes, CELLS, 37.2 trillion of them. At the center of each cell is a nucleus and inside the nucleus are your chromosomes. Chromosomes are the structures that contain genes, which are made up of your DNA. Genes are what determine and govern your physical and medical characteristics. Such as the way you look, your blood type, vulnerability to diseases etc.

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